Update v3.13

2023-11-02 04:14:01

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We are delighted to introduce a fresh website update which comes with a series of changes designed to elevate your experience: a new homepage design, a newly supported cryptocurrency, contests system and much more. Unroll the brilliance below:

1. Say hello to a new homepage!

We've redesigned our homepage to offer a more intuitive and engaging interface even for first time visitors.

Faucet Crypto new homepage
New looks for our homepage!

From modernized design up to highlighting the brilliant features our website offers, the new homepage encapsulates a perfect starting point for you (or any new visitor) journeying through our platform. We're excited to have you explore it. Take a look here!

2. eCash (XEC) takes a bow

eCash (XEC) was brought on in Update v3.10.1 on July 2023, and has had a brief run on the website. Unfortunately, due to some technical issues, we're bidding farewell to it.

If eCash was your preferred cryptocurrency, we understand that this news may come as a disappointment and we're sorry to break your heart in this manner. However, on the positive side, we still support a lot of awesome cryptocurrencies including a new entry — Klaytn (KLAY).

3. Make way for Klaytn (KLAY)!

We're thrilled to introduce Klaytn (KLAY) cryptocurrency, the latest addition to our platform. Klaytn is a promising public blockchain network launched in June 2019 that is focused on metaverse, gamefi and the creator economy, bringing with it a world of opportunities and possibilities.

Faucet Crypto added Klaytn (KLAY)
Hello, KLAY!

Heard of Klaytn before or this is the first time? Whichever the case is, you can get some KLAY by completing simple tasks as usual.

4. Implemented shortlinks in partnership with Fly.inc

Say hello to shortlinks! Yes, you read that right. After being taken off in June 2022, we're reintroducing shortlinks back onto the website in this update in partnership with Fly.inc

Faucet Crypto shortlink
Shortlinks? Yes, sir!

Unlike previous versions where shortlinks had a standalone page in the side menu, with this reintroduction, available shortlinks will be displayed on the dashboard page.

5. Implemented contests system

This is one major highlight in this update. We've re-worked and sunsetted the leaderboard page whilst implementing contests system as it's replacement! woohoo!

The new contests system is not just a replacement though; it's an upgrade. It is designed to encourage participation, reward your efforts, foster a sense of community; and marks a significant evolution in our platform's competitive features. So, are you ready to compete and enjoy the benefits of this exciting new feature? Then, game on!

6. Added contest types

With the implementation of the contest system, we're bringing on two (2) unique contests that would be recurrent:

  • Bi-weekly referral contests
  • Friday survey contests

These contests are designed to reward the most active members of our community.

Faucet Crypto referral comtest
1st... 2nd... 3rd!

All information pertaining to a contest will be displayed on the contest page — including respective rewards and valid duration for participation & criteria. Once you enroll to participate in a contest, your ranking will be shown as it progresses.

7. Lifetime leaderboards

As part of our recent transition away from the traditional leaderboards page, we've also bade farewell to the weekly PTC ad, faucet claim, and offerwall completion leaderboards which were all individually presented. While they served their purpose, we have decided to sunset them and pivot onto something more comprehensive: Lifetime leaderboards!

Faucet Crypto lifetime leaderboards
Lifetime leaderboards!

The all-new lifetime leaderboard is a unified leaderboard system that showcases your standing across all areas (distinctively, total completed tasks). Now, you can see how you measure up in the long run, providing a holistic view of your achievements. Do you have what it takes to appear on our lifetime leaderboards? Get involved more; complete more tasks!

8. Re-worked notification design

We've revamped the notifications design with a fresh and improved look. The re-worked design comes with rounded borders for each notification and enhances it's visual appeal; making it easier for you to track coins or experience points added to your account after completing an offer in an Offerwall.

Faucet Crypto new notifications design
New notifications design!

Other changes include:

  • Re-worked social jobs page

  • Removed item dropped notification from Offerwalls (now, a modal appears after the first visit)

  • Fixed bug causing activated items not to be destroyed on mobile when prompted

  • Fixed bug causing base reward & bonuses to be inverted in the "completed task" message

Our goal with this update is to continuously enhance your experience and provide you with the best possible service that we're known for. This update builds on that promise and wouldn't have been possible without immense help from FeverZ, Kakashi_Uchiha, Donald-Duck, Jdogbites, ThePowerIHold, DalhsiB911 & YuseiYamoto all testing and helping fine-tune the operation of the newly added features.

If you experience any issues, do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us by opening a ticket at our Support Center or by tagging us in a tweet.

Best regards,

FaucetCrypto.com Team