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Why my withdrawal is Processing?

Some cryptocurrencies are sent using a low fee option. For this reason your withdrawal get the processing status for a while, it may take up to 24 hours to process.

Why I can't do offerwalls?

Offerwalls are third party services. They usually search for specific group of people based on information such as their country, age and other datas.

Why is my balance changing?

In fact your balance is not changing. Your balance is kept in Coins, a fictional coin priced in dollar. What you're watching is the real-time conversion to your favorite cryptocurrency.

Why didn't I received my withdrawal?

For all cryptocurrencies, your withdrawal is sent directly to your wallet and you can track the transaction on the history page with the link to the blockchain explorer.

Why I'm receiving VPN error message?

It's forbidden to use any type of tool that masks your IP address. Make sure that this type of service is not activated in your browser or operational system.

Why I'm banned from the chat?

Before you send a message in the chat, you need to agree that you read all the rules. You probably did not respect one of them and this ban cannot be reversed.

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Offerwall issues

Your message must not be related to any issue with offerwall service. You need contact their support directly.

Not allowed country

Unfortunately the platform does not support some countries and there are no exceptions. Check the TOS for more information.

Beg for coins

Any type of message for the purpose of asking for any bonuses or coins on the website is not allowed.

Request for refill

Your message cannot be related to refilling any cryptocurrency balance. We refill all cryptocurrencies periodically.

Any type of suggestion

Do not send any type of suggestion via this section. We update the website periodically with new features.

Request for refund

All transactions are sent directly via the blockchain and we do not have the control to return your crypto if you make a mistake.

English message

Your message must be in understandable English. Any other language will be ignored. Use google translator if necessary.

Complete description

Your issue must be well described, not just words like "fix it". Take screenshots or record your screen if necessary.

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If you have any issues with Faucet Crypto, want to report a bug, then you can use our support section for contacting us.

We will try to reply within 7 days depending upon the volume of requests.

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