Update v3.4

2022-06-05 22:18:04

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Hello Claimers!

Check out the updates notes about this version:

  • Removed shortlinks system
  • Removed uncommon item tier. Converted all uncommon items to rare
  • Removed Offers4all offerwall. Bad system and low usage
  • Re-adjusted items powers strength
  • Migrated Faucet Crypto to a better server (Events will happen again!)
  • Pirate Cash cryptocurrency removed (As crex24 banned all users from Brazil, it will no longer be possible to buy PIRATE)

-> More news are to come. The next updates aim to get Faucet Crypto back on track. Stay tunned!

-> The problem of empty wallet balances will be resolved in the coming weeks!

Let us know if you face any issues by opening a support ticket!
FaucetCrypto.com Team