Update v3.13.1

2023-11-11 19:36:44

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We are pleased to announce a new update of the website. This update comes swiftly behind v3.13 which was launched on 2nd Nov, 2023. It carries some fantastic changes mainly related to the offers page and brings on a newly supported cryptocurrency with it. Let's explore them:

1. Say hello to Theta Fuel (TFUEL)!

There's a new guy on our block! Give it up for Theta Fuel (TFUEL) cryptocurrency, which has joined the list of supported cryptocurrencies on the website! TFUEL is the native token of the Theta blockchain powering on-chain operations like payments to relayers for sharing a video stream.

Faucet Crypto added Theta Fuel (TFUEL)
Hello, TFUEL!

If you're up for it, you can now cash out your coins for some TFUEL. Woohoo!

2. Added dedicated shortlinks page

In the v3.13 website update, shortlinks made a comeback as we re-implemented them in partnership with Fly.inc, however they were only shown on the dashboard page. In this update, we've added a dedicated shortlinks page in the side menu alongside other pages regarding earning coins. So, it's more than faster to jump in and solve shortlinks in no time!

Faucet Crypto re-added shortlinks page
Shortlinks page!

3. Reduced maximum withdrawal processing time to 48 hours

Big news! We've streamlined our withdrawal process, reducing the maximum processing time to just 48 hours. With this improvement, you can now experience quicker and more efficient withdrawals, giving you faster access to the rewards you've earned. We appreciate your continued support as we build on our legacy of enhancing your faucet experience.

3. Added offers sorting & multiple filters to offers page

We're thrilled to present two brilliant additions to the offers page, bringing on the ability to enjoy a more tailored experience with the newly added offers sorting and multiple filters on our offers page.

Faucet Crypto added multiple offers page filters
Filter offers like a pro!

You can now quickly utilize and filter offers by partners, categories, best score, searching or perhaps, decide to sort the offers by devices — Android, iOS or PC/desktop. This enhancement empowers you to efficiently navigate through a variety of offers based on your preferences.

4. Added score to offers card

We've elevated usability on the offers page by introducing scores on each offer presented on the page! This new 'score' feature found at the top-left of each card aims to make your decision-making process easier by providing a quick and insightful metric for you before proceeding to begin an offer.

Faucet Crypto added scores to offer cards
Scores on offer cards!

With it, you can easily assess the value benefits of each offer at a glance and make more informed choices on the offers you wish to proceed with.

5. Added reward confirmation delay & steps information to offer modal

Still on offers, we added reward confirmation delay and steps information to the offer modal. These might seem minor, but they are designed to give you the needed boost of confidence when embarking on an offer in the offers page.

Faucet Crypto added reward confirmation delay and step information
Offer's details

The reward confirmation delay gives a pointer of how soon rewards can be paid out to you after completing an offer; while the steps information shows a breakdown of payment (for large offers) and the milestones you have to reach on the specific offer before being rewarded as you proceed with it.

Asides all the aforementioned changes, we've also improved offers pool availability!

A great deal of effort was put into this update in order to elevate your experience while navigating our service. If you experience any issues, do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us by opening a ticket at our Support Center or by tagging us in a tweet.

Best regards,

FaucetCrypto.com Team