Update v3.11

2023-08-28 22:39:24

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Hi frens!

A new upgrade of the website has been rolled out, and is now live. This update is power-packed with a lot of stuff... and we mean A LOT — a new supported cryptocurrency, UI changes, optimization, bug fixes and an amazing improvement for advertisers! Let's explore them:

1. Avalanche (AVAX) now supported!

As part of our ongoing commitment to expanding the range of cryptocurrencies available to you, we have integrated Avalanche (AVAX) on the website and it is now available for withdrawals.

AVAX New Crypto
Hello, AVAX!

Whether you're already a seasoned follower of the Avalanche community & ecosystem, or you're just hearing about it for the first time, you can now get your hands on some AVAX straight from our website. Woohoo!

2. Added Twitter/X authentication

We have successfully integrated Twitter (or X?) authentication into our website, offering you an additional — and arguably, a more convenient — method to sign in. At the settings page, you'll find the option to connect your Twitter/X account alongside your Google account if you wish to.

Added Twitter Authentication
Connect with Twitter/X

3. Votes & Polls section takes a bow

We have made the decision to retire the Vote & Polls section permanently, and thus the section is no longer available at the side menu or anywhere on the website. The decision to retire it was made after careful consideration following its long stretches of inactivity.

Without doubt, the section had been immensely valuable over the years and has helped shape our service to what we have today through your immeasurable suggestions. We cannot thank everyone enough for their contributions.

4. Changes to the top navigation bar

The top navigation bar (or top bar, for short) is the header/consistent area at the top of the website, which carries your Coins balance, notification & item icons and the Help Center. In this update, we have: Revamped the topbar on mobile with a bit of a fresh design; and also moved the Inventory page from the side menu right onto the top bar.

New Topbar on mobile
Topbar on mobile. Spot the differences


New Inventory
Inventory now at the top bar!

This change not only gives our interface a new look but also provides easier access to the Inventory, making it more convenient for you to manage & activate your items without mix-ups.

5. Changes to the side bar/menu

The side bar/menu is well... the menu shown at the side (shrugs... hehe). It is the go-to area for switching between pages on the website. In this update, we have applied a series of changes to the side menu, the key one being: Improvement of the bottom display where your level progress & username shows.

New bottom display
Clear information for the bottom display

The option to change your account settings & theme or logout from your account are now found by clicking the settings "gear" icon at the bottom of the side bar/menu.

Other changes applied to the side bar/menu include:

• Condensation of the side bar links

• Improvement of the side bar scrollbar, making it smoother to scroll

• Visibility improvements for the number badges which show the number of available tasks

6. Changes to the withdrawal page

We've made some noteworthy updates to the withdrawal page. Notably, we've consolidated the withdrawal history page into the main withdrawal page for easier access and reference. Additionally, we've introduced the last withdrawal view directly on the withdrawal page, giving you a quick overview of your recent transactions.

Updated withdraw page
Withdrawal-related information at one place!

To further improve usability, the withdrawal tips has been refined, providing you with more clearer information regarding withdrawals.

7. Revised withdrawal modal & card

We've taken a fresh approach to the withdrawal process by introducing a sequential order on the withdrawal modal and card. This change streamlines the withdrawal experience and essentially transforms it to show the necessary details in three (3) steps.

Revised withdrawal modal
Step 1... 2... 3! Withdraw!

This new pattern is to ensure you can carefully check the network, minimum amount required to initiate a withdrawal and your wallet address used before proceeding to confirm your withdrawal. All withdrawals will still follow our Batch Payment mechanism; if you do not understand what that means, be sure to check out this guide later.

8. "New Location Detected" ... again?!

Well, not again. We listened to your concerns regarding the recent security measure we took by adding an additional login step for protection against possible malicious login attempts on your account (see #9 in Update v3.10 notes). As such, in this update we have improved the detection process for new logins.

Our system is now more accurate and efficient in identifying new user locations, resulting in fewer prompts to input a login code when your location hasn't changed greatly or even at all.

9. Squashed "Hot survey" bug

The "Hot survey" overlap bug was reported by a growing number of users and was made a priority for this update. We conducted a thorough investigation to identify the root cause of the issue and are excited to share that the bug which caused the "Hot survey" notification to overlap with the sidebar on mobile devices has been successfully rectified.

This fix guarantees a smooth user-friendly experience for everyone accessing the website on mobile devices, enhancing overall usability and engagement. Is that a celebratory sound we're hearing... we hope so! We are dedicated to creating the best environment for you.

10. Multiple other bug fixes

With your help from reporting bugs and irregularities, our team has been hard at work addressing the issues to ensure smoother functionality and improved user satisfaction. A few major bug fixes applied in this update are:

• Fixed the issue causing random "non-eligible" errors when doing tasks

• Fixed the issue causing some rounding-up errors when withdrawing

• Fixed bug causing PTC ad counter in the side menu not to match with available task

11. Re-worked website footer

The website footer has gotten a small makeover. Vital links pertaining to our service are now permanently present at the foot of all pages on the website.

Reworked website footer
More detailed footer

We believe this redesign is more organized and offers quick access to essential links and information (eg. Our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Status page) without necessarily having to first visit our service's homepage. And oh, just in case you missed it, you can also see a bit of an information about where some of our team members are based.

12. New advertiser platform!

This one is for our beloved advertisers! We have migrated the advertisement section to our new independent platform mainly for advertising.

New advertiser platform
New advertiser platform!

If you had a credit balance or ptc advertisement prior to this update, you do not need to take any further action. Your account will automatically be created on the new platform, and you may login to continue advertising, as all your existing credit balance and already created PTC advertisements would show up.

To read details about the new advertiser platform, please visit this page or access it by clicking on "Migrate Your Ads" at the side bar/menu.

Other changes included in this update are:

  • Movement of the chatbox's open button to the side bar

  • Optimization of the website's load speed

  • Re-worked PTC view frame

Our unwavering commitment to excellence remains at the core of our values. This latest update serves as a testament of our dedication and continuous effort to deliver exceptional experiences to our users, and wouldn't have been possible without immense help from FeverZ, Kakashi_Uchiha, Jdogbites, AwAke, DalhsiB911 & YuseiYamoto.

As we forge ahead, do not hesitate to reach out to us if you experience any issues. You can contact us by opening a ticket at our Support Center or by tagging us in a tweet.

Best regards, FaucetCrypto.com Team