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2023-07-05 06:36:22

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Hi frens,

We are pleased to announce and launch a new update of the website. This update which was preceded by an announcement comes with major changes to key areas of the entire faucet's operation, including UI optimizations and bug fixes. The changes include:

1. Say hello to Fantom (FTM)!

There's a new guy on our block! Give it up for Fantom (FTM) cryptocurrency, which has joined the list of supported cryptocurrencies on the website!

Fantom New Crypto
Hello, Fantom!

The total number of supported cryptocurrencies is now 19! You like Fantom (FTM)? It's available now and as always, it's direct withdrawals to your wallet!

2. Bye bye to pop-ups

Yes, you read the heading correctly. We have removed pop-ups across the entire website. This is done in a bid to continuously improve the user experience, and to make sure your faucet experience is free from interruptions. We value your time and attention and want you to have a smooth navigation experience while on the website... thus, bye bye to pop-ups!

3. Unveiling our revamped Help Center

The Welcome Guide, Knowledge Base and Support Center have all been combined to show up at one spot — Help Center. It can be accessed from the top of the dashboard at the right corner just beside the notification & item icons.

Revamped Help Center
Revamped Help Center

Want to get a quick reminder of what the website is about; get answers to frequently asked questions or contact our support team? You can find the various sections at the Help Center.

4. Level re-adjustment & change in experience points

As contained in our announcement on Friday 30th June 2023, the recalculated levels for every user has been applied in this update, likewise all changes it reflected. The default experience points earned from each completed task has also been reduced from 10 to 4.

More information about the re-adjustment can be found in the level dialog box on the website. This change/level readjustment was deemed necessary to ensure a stable and sustainable platform going ahead.

5. Re-worked challenges page; Rotative challenges goes from 8 to 5

The challenge page has been re-worked & redesigned. With this, we have focused on enhancing visual elements to elevate your challenge experience. The revamped design not only provides a sleek and modern look but also streamlines the process of discovering, tracking and following up on each challenge's progress using progress bars and percentages.

New Challenge page
Progress bars for Challenges!

Still on Challenges, the number of available rotative challenges running at the same time have been reduced from 8 to 5.

6. Removed fixed & daily visit challenge; Special challenges coming in

The fixed and daily challenges have taken a bow from this update and are no longer available as they weren't distinctly a path to be followed. Our primary focus is to continually improve and innovate our platform, ensuring that we provide the best experience.

By removing the fixed and daily challenges, we can now concentrate our efforts on introducing new and exciting features that will bring even more value to your experience, thus enters Special challenges! — these are the challenges which do not fit into the rotative category or are challenges from special events!

7. Reduction of bonus percentage per level

Prior to this update, the bonus percentage added per level was set at 0.125%, and has been so over the years. After careful consideration, we have decided to slightly reduce the value to 0.1% in other to further optimize and balance the overall progression system.

We understand that any change to an established feature may raise concerns, but we assure you that this adjustment has been made with the best interests of our users in mind: ensuring a sustainable platform alongside a balanced progression curve.

8. Added Surveys & Offer page

Surveys and Offers now get dedicated standalone pages in the side menu bar. Both pages are curated with a list of tasks which may be available for you to complete. These curated tasks show as large cards within their respective pages. They are obtained from the variety of Offerwalls we support and made readily available without necessarily going all the way into each individual Offerwall.

New Survey page
Fresh Surveys page!


New Offers page
Fresh Offers page!

9. Verifications for new login locations

Security would always be a priority in our service, no two ways about it. To support this we've implemented a confirmation step when you login from a new location.

Confirmation for new login location
New location? Verification code please

For any and all login attempts made from a new location, a short verification code would be sent to your email associated with your Faucet Crypto account. That code would grant you access to login into your account. This step adds an extra layer of security if any malicious entity tries to access your account from an unrecognized location.

10. Social Job minimum required level

Social Jobs are one of our newest forms of earning. We introduced them in the website's v3.8 update as a way to provide you with more opportunities to earn rewards while engaging with our community. Shortly after it's initial launch, they were paused to re-evaluate their functionality & effectiveness, but will now gradually be reopened for you to participate in.

To promote inclusivity and broader participation, we've reduced the minimum level required to access the Social Jobs page from Level 20 to Level 15!

11. Theme improvements (light & dark theme)

We've applied some changes to both light & dark themes available on the website. The updated light theme now offers a cleaner and more vibrant look, making it easier to navigate and read content (Spoiler Alert: You wouldn't notice much change with it though); however, the dark theme has been re-worked to have a true black background at the side menu bar.

New light theme
vibrant light theme


New dark theme
renewed dark theme

These theme improvements aim to cater to different user preferences while creating a visually pleasing interface that enhances readability and overall user satisfaction. To learn how to switch your theme, see this article.

Other upgrades & fixes include:

  • Moved page loading bar to the top

  • Added unlock detail to sidebar link

  • Added responsiveness to PTC advertisement tabs

  • Fixed bug causing notification not to show when registering with a temporary email

This update marks a significant transition in our service. A lot of effort, ideas and suggestions went into the process for shaping it up in the best possible way. Special appreciation goes out to ThePowerIHold, Kakashi_Uchiha, Jdogbites, FeverZ, PolaRIS, Lexx23rus, DalhsiB911 & AwAke for their valuable inputs and dedication in testing out the update before launch, reporting bugs and giving feedback throughout the process.

If you face any issues with this update, kindly tag us in a tweet on Twitter or open a support ticket on the website.

Best regards,

FaucetCrypto.com Team