Update v3.9.1

2023-05-10 02:49:33

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Hi frens!

We are pleased to announce a new update of the website. This update comes swiftly behind v3.9 which was launched on 4th May, 2023 and carries some necessary fixes for reported issues, optimizations and more. Below are some of the changes:

1. Offerwall season continues

In the last update (v3.9), 4 new offerwalls were added. In this update, the Offerwall season & party is still on! Adscendmedia, TapResearch and Hideout.tv offerwalls joins "the party" and are now supported on the website!

You now have a plethora of Offerwalls to choose from depending on the type that suits you — Surveys, App offers/downlaods and Fast walls. Let's go!

2. Support form implementation

Our Support Center has been revamped with a better method for contacting us concerning any issues you face. A new form system has been implemented that auto-fills your account information, allows you to choose a reason related to your issue, attach an associated image and describe the issue within some few sentences. Here's how it looks:

New support form
New Support form

In case you missed it, our Support Center can be accessible through the sidebar on your dashboard or by directly visiting faucetcrypto.com/support.

3. Enhanced mobile version

We do understand that most people spend more time surfing the internet with mobile devices than with a laptop or desktop computer, so we spent an ample amount of time in improving how the website runs on mobile — paying great attention to general optimizations & alignment of some few improper texts. You could be on a train, in a queue, at a gym or taking an evening walk and can still easily access the website and claim those juicy coins without stress.

As a subtle reminder, do note that we currently do not have any Android or iOS app in Google Playstore or Apple Appstore respectively. Be wary of any mobile apps claiming to be us.

Other upgrades & fixes include:

  • Addition of option to restart the timer on surf & window PTC ads

  • Fixed issue causing random "not eligible" error messages

  • Realigned & fixed the position of the "Daily Visit" claim button on mobile

  • Fixed bug causing countdown timer for surf & window ads not to work in some cases

  • Fixed counting cards on mobile

As always, we put in the best and only the best in order to provide the suitable service we're known for. If you face any issues with this update, kindly tag us in a tweet on Twitter or open a support ticket on the website.

Best regards,

FaucetCrypto.com Team