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2023-05-04 17:32:39

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Hi frens!

A new upgrade of the website has been rolled out, and is now live. This update is well-rounded and touches virtually every area of the website — redesigns, offerwalls supported, cryptocurrency supported, PTC ads, themes, captcha, withdrawal modal, optimisation and much more. Take a deep breathe and dive into the details below:

1. Offerwalls, Offerwalls and even more Offerwalls

It is raining Offerwalls in this update. Recognising the need to bring on more ways to earn Coins on the website, we're coming in hot with 4 new Offerwalls — Pollfish, TheoremReach, Offertoro & Revlum.

New Offerwalls
New looks

Still on Offerwalls, the page has seen a full redesign coupled with an appealing style. Also, we bade farewell to Admantium Offerwall, and it has been removed from the website in this update. On the bright side there are 4 new ones, thus taking the number of Offerwalls supported on the website to 15 in total, all grouped conveniently into Survey walls, Offers walls & Fast walls. LFG!

2. Added Binance Coin (Smart Chain)

"Knock Knock"

"Who's there?"


"Smart who?"

"Binance Coin (Smart Chain)!"

New Crypto BSC
Binance Smart Chain!

You asked, we listened and now we deliver. Say hello to the newest cryptocurrency supported on our website — Binance Coin (Smart Chain)! This brings the total number of supported cryptocurrencies for withdrawal up to 18.

Any plans to support other coins? We really can't say for now but as always, stay tuned and travel this journey with us. We have more amazing things in mind for the future and would be glad to have you around.

3. Redesigned Dashboard page

We're all for clear interface and quick interpretation of information — our trademark. So, we've gotten rid of the graphical design for task activities & task income. Want to know how fair you're doing, the energy you're putting in or if you need to "up your claims game" ? Now the related statistics is on your dashboard as cards labelled Coins Income & Exp. Points Income. Both cards show a breakdown of amounts earned for the current month.

Dashboard page v3.9
Clean & Classy!

Alongside this change, if you scroll down the dashboard page, there are other changes across the board as a whole. Why don't you take a look around and try to spot them?

4. Improved dark theme

Though minor, we think it's a big deal, so we're hyped as always and are glad to say that we've improved our dark theme across the whole website — it looks more vibrant now!

Still using the light theme? Come on to the dark side (haha). Don't know how to change between light & dark themes? Check out this article in our Knowledge Base.

5. Added multiple types of PTC advertisements, redesigned the page & reworked the PTC advertisements Report button.

Yo dawg! We heard you like PTC ads, so we added more types of PTC ad methods so that you can make up your mind to watch a different type of ad while watching an ad.

New PTC ad page
New looks for PTC ads!

The PTC advertisements page has gotten a facelift & makeover. This update also brings 3 types/methods of ads:

  • Window Ad: The ad will be opened in the same tab with iframe. You must view the ad until the timer is ended.
  • Surf Ad: The ad will be opened in a new tab without iframe. You must stay on the tab until the timer is ended.
  • Video Ad: Youtube video will be displayed. It will be opened in a new tab without iframe.

Asides this, a suitable change has also been applied to the "Report" button for PTC advertisements: Instead of a text field, it is now a simple drop-down selectable option, which would make it quicker to send us a report of any inappropriate, broken or malicious ad. yaaayy!

New PTC report button
Report PTC ads with ease!

6. AntiBotLinks captcha — Improved display & bug fixes

The update wouldn't be complete if we didn't do one or two things in the Captcha Department, so we made some adjustments to the AntiBot links captcha.

Apart from vibrancy, when solving them, the selected choices do not disappear anymore but are highlighted with a numbered superscript to signify the order of selection before you confirm. So, you now get to take one last look to be certain the order is correct before proceeding.

Improved AntiBotLink
1, 2, 3, 4... click!

Furthermore, a bug associated with AntiBotLinks which resulted in returning a false-positive "failed captcha" error has been quashed & fixed.

7. Reduced captcha rate

"You don't need to solve any captcha. The system is telling me you're a good person".

Does that sound familiar? Of course, it does and we know you like it. Be prepared to see it more often because we have reduced captcha rate across the website in this update, thus you will see less captcha when trying to perform various tasks. That's a big W in the Captcha Department, yes? Of course, it is!

8. Improved steps design from withdrawal info modal

While numbers have made their appearance in the Captcha Department (see #6 above), they are taking a leave in the Withdrawal Information Department. What does that mean? There's a slight change in the presentation on the withdrawal modal. Spot the difference below:

withdrawal modal
Numbered... Unnumbered

9. Rounded improvements for Timers

Timers are applied at various sections of the website to prevent bot activities, spam claiming or other non-human behaviour. A series of improvements have been adapted to this seemingly unnoticed part of the website. These improvements/changes include:

  • Improved timer button display.
  • Improved countdown timer & startup time.
  • Readjustment of the button timer per task type.

10. Processing. Maintenance. Refunded — not good, not good

Processing. Maintenance. Refunded — Ahh! The 3 Horsemen that tests patience. Don't get it? Let's paint out the scenario you might recognise:

Have you ever made a withdrawal and while your transaction status still says "Processing", you find out thereafter that the cryptocurrency in question you had withdrawn had been placed on Maintenance in the Withdrawal page... So you have to wait till we roll out fixes for it and remove the Maintenance status before any withdrawals could follow through via our Batch Payment method. While waiting for the Maintenance status to be removed, you wish you could get your Coins back... right? Well, it's not just wishes anymore — we've added automatic refund for "Under Maintenance" cryptocurrencies!

This means if your withdrawal is still at the "Processing" phase, and for any reason the cryptocurrency is placed on Maintenance at a time after, you'll receive an automatic refund of the Coins amount you withdrew (alongside the withdrawal fee) without waiting at all. Woohoo!

The "Withdrawal Refunded" notification has also been reworked/redesigned to carry colours for the Coins amount, withdrawal fee & associated cryptocurrency. Here's how it looks now:

Withdrawal refunded notification v3.9
Colours here; Colours there

Other upgrades & fixes include:

  • Improved website performance & optimization

  • Added support for Faucet Crypto referral links to be embedded on other websites

  • Improved Terms of Service clarity

  • Improved Reward Badge on all pages

  • Improved Counting Card design on all pages

  • Fixed bug causing PTC views to become negative

  • Fixed bug causing incorrect PTC refilling (refilled wrong PTC ad after deleting another PTC ad)

  • Fixed bug causing Potion item countdown to reset when opening/closing the active items drop-down.

  • Fixed wrong toast messages display (occurred in some cases)

BONUS: BitLabs promo is Live along with this update. Earn 45% more for every completed survey on BitLabs offerwall for a limited period of time. Hurry!

A lot of effort was put into this update in other to provide you with the most beautiful & convenient faucet experience ever known. Special appreciation goes out to FeverZ, ThePowerIHold, Kakashi_Uchiha, DalhsiB911, TheCanine, AwAke & Jdogbites for their inputs, suggestions, dedication in testing out the update before launch, reporting bugs and giving valuable feedback throughout the process.

If you face any issues with this update, kindly tag us in a tweet on Twitter or open a support ticket on the website.

Best regards,

FaucetCrypto.com Team