Update v3.7.1

2022-11-29 18:03:53

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Following the implementation of v.3.7 on 19th Nov 2022, few issues/bugs had been noted and these have been addressed in this new update (v.3.7.1), alongside some changes. Below are the changes:

1. Redesign of the News Feed

First things first, this is the highlight of this update. The News Feed/Page now has a befitting look to match the upgrades on other areas of the website. Going forward, each update will be briefly explained in a mini article format, with the individual changes highlighted within.

new News Feed
New looks!

2. Rectification regarding false-positive Adblock detection

Use of ad-blockers, popup blockers or script blockers is prohibited, as stated in our Terms of Service. However, after the previous update, users in certain regions were affected by a false-positive scenario where access to our service were temporarily suspended because of the detection. This bug has been fixed in this update and we whole-heartedly appreciate the patience and cooperation.

In lieu of this, some browsers (eg. Opera, Brave & Vivaldi browser etc) are known to come with built-in adblock features, as such we implore all users to ensure that such settings are turned off while accessing the website.

3. Implementation of a new captcha system

On 27th Nov 2022, concerns were raised with regards to an inappropriate content on hcaptcha, and reports filed for repeated failure of the captcha/bot test due to it's difficulty. This has been taken into consideration in this update, and a new captcha system (though still tested) is/will be implemented as a replacement.

As always, we put in effort to provide every user with the most beautiful & convenient crypto faucet experience ever known. If you face any issues, kindly let us know by opening a support ticket on the website.

Best regards,
FaucetCrypto.com Team