Update v3.7

2022-11-19 01:35:14

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Hi frens!

We are pleased to announce & launch a new update of the website. This update comes with UI changes, fixes/optimizations and a lot more. Below are some of the changes:

1. Dashboard TopBar & SideBar redesign

Out with the old, in with the new!... The dashboard page has been redesigned to better encapsulate our uniqueness — The Level progress bar & Satoshi conversion rate are now shown as independent frames with clarity; Icons & colour scheme have also been improved.

Dashboard reworked
New UI!

2. Re-added Votes & Polls section

The Vote & Polls section was temporarily removed in v.3.25 (on 13th April, 2021), but have been re-added in this update. This section is strictly for offering suggestions for the improvement of the website.

Votes & Polls
Votes & Polls section

3. Added Knowledge Base/FAQ page

"Hi guys, how can I sell my item?"

"Hey friend, where can I find my referral link?"

"Hello, what are Credits and what are they used for?"

Say no more. All answers to common questions are now present in the Knowledge Base pinned in the TopBar of your Dashboard. Relevant screenshots are present in the articles to aid easy understanding of the steps to follow. Awesome, right?

Other changes include:

  • Reworked authentication pages & notifications system.

  • Confirmation of 2FA in order to enable it.

  • Removed RDD cryptocurrency (the payment processor do not support it anymore).

  • Website optimizations for smooth operation on any device.

  • Improved captcha readability on dark theme.

A lot of effort was put into this update in other to provide you with the most beautiful & convenient crypto faucet experience ever known. If you face any issues, kindly let us know by opening a support ticket on the website.

Best regards,
FaucetCrypto.com Team