Update v3.13.2

2023-11-17 20:09:47

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We're delighted to bring on a new website update! Our v3.13.1 website update came with a lot of changes related to the offers page; in this update that swiftly follows it, we're continuing in that spirit with some additional spice. Explore the changes below:

1. Added LootParrot & InBrain from Lootably

We're thrilled and excited to continually expand earning possibilities, thus we've brought on LootParrot & InBrain from Lootably as individual additions to our supported offerwalls. These platforms bring a fresh array of opportunities for you to explore, providing a diverse range of tasks and activities to earn rewards.

Faucet Crypto added LootParrot and InBrain offerwall
LootParrot & InBrain offerwalls!

You'll find LootParrot under "Fast Walls"; while InBrain is listed under "Survey Walls" on the Offerwalls page. Dive into them and discover a world of exciting new offers and surveys!

2. Improved offer modal design

The offer modal has gotten a touch of an upgrade design-wise! With a vibrant design to match, the information stated on an offer modal also includes the respective offer's score and reward delay pertaining to it. These details — whether on mobile or desktop — appear in dazzling green colours (when using light theme) and are harder to miss.

Faucet Crypto improved offer modal design page
Offer modal improved!

3. Wannads Offerwall, out... Wannads Surveys, stays

Wannads Offerwall has been one of the longest standing supported offerwall (as far back as 2020). In this update, we're finally saying goodbye to it. If Wannads Offerwall was your favourite offerwall to complete tasks from, we hope you find solace in visiting other supported offerwalls with variety of tasks open for all.

On the bright side too, Wannads Surveys — a subsidiary of Wannads, which was listed independently — still stays. You may find Wannads Surveys listed under "Survey Walls" in the Offerwalls page.

4. Improved shortlinks page

Our recent update for the shortlinks page focuses on enhancing user experience, and ensuring seamless understanding and navigation for shortlink tasks. Whether you're pretty new to solving shortlinks or a seasoned user in this area, we cannot leave any stone unturned.

Two (2) valuable additions made to the shortlinks page are:

  • Addition of tips about shortlink tasks
  • Presence of a full tutorial video on how to solve shortlinks
Faucet Crypto shortlinks page
Tips & tutorials for shortlinks!

These improvements are made with your best of interest in mind as always.

5. Changes to dashboard page regarding contests

Our newly instated contest system has been a blast — from the referral contests, CPX Research, Ayet-Studios & PollFish survey contests — all with an impressive participation rate. In this update, we've made a slight change regarding how available contests are displayed on the dashboard page.

Only survey or featured contests would be displayed on the dashboard page. The referral contests — which occurs biweekly — will still operate as usual, but it won't be displayed on the dashboard page. All running contests (whether survey or referrals) will always be accurately shown at the contests page accessible from the side menu. That said, if you've not paid attention to the contests at all, you're missing out!

Other change include:

  • Disabled Revlum from offerwall listing.
  • Improved offer pool availability.
  • Fixed bug causing full username not to show in the sidebar/menu.

Our goal with this update is to continuously enhance your experience and provide you with the best possible service that we're known for. If you experience any issues, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

You may contact us by opening a ticket at our Support Center or by tagging us in a tweet.

Best regards,

FaucetCrypto.com Team