Update v3.12

2023-09-15 21:03:24

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Hi frens!

We are pleased to announce and launch a new update of the website. This latest release incorporates modifications to the user interface, important fixes, and some additional enhancements. Here are a few highlights of the update:

1. Implemented an (almost) no-captcha system

We have been keen and attentive to your concerns — one of the major ones being the captcha — and have now implemented a newer mechanism that brings in an (almost) no-captcha system. What this means is: you will only see captchas in extremely specific cases.

2. Custom message for dropped Item

Woohoo! You got an Item while doing tasks! This is a pretty big deal and should be followed by a bit of grandiose, so we implemented a custom message for dropped Items and removed the old/basic notification.

Custom message dropped item
You found an Item!

3. Added border to Items Market & Withdraw link in sidebar

We've made some subtle yet impactful visual enhancement to the website. You'll now notice a sleek border around both the Items Market and Withdraw links in the sidebar.

Sidebar visual enhancement
Some visual enhancement at the sidebar!

While that for the Items Market isn't highlighted; the Withdraw link gets a purplish border & hue. This subtle yet effective design enhancement not only adds a touch of refinement but also makes it even clearer and more accessible for you to find and use these important features.

4. Added Advertise link to sidebar

In our v3.11 update in August, we brought in our newest service — Advertisement platform — as a standalone service. Now, we're delighted to introduce that latest addition to the sidebar: the 'Advertise' link.

This is done to provide quick and direct access to our advertisement platform, making it easier than ever for advertisers to explore opportunities and manage their campaigns seamlessly.

5. Fixed duplicate message on withdrawal modal

We have addressed the duplicate message shown after submitting a withdrawal request. Previously, you would see a pop-up/modal over the page alongside a basic notification at bottom right corner both saying "Success! Your withdrawal has been successfully submitted and will be processed soon. Check your withdrawal history for more information". Now, just the pop-up over the page shows, as we've gotten rid of the basic notification at the bottom right corner.

No Duplicate Message
Withdrawal submitted!

6. Added option to check Held Tasks from Offerwalls

Great news! We've introduced a convenient new feature that lets you check your held tasks from Offerwalls right in your Offerwalls history page on the website.

Held Tasks history
Pending offerwall tasks

This feature simplifies your task management, making it easier than ever to keep tabs on your pending tasks and offers. We hope this addition enhances your experience and provides a smoother journey through our service.

7. Changes to withdrawal indicators

The withdrawal indicators in question are the coloured circles (🟢, 🟡 & 🔴) beside the Withdraw button of each cryptocurrency on the Withdrawal page. They serve as a pointer signifying availability of balances to withdraw (Filled status).

To streamline the number of colours used, we have removed the blue indicator which represented 'Very Low' status/balance.

Withdrawal Indicators
Green, Yellow, Red!

So, now they are only three (3) of such indicators. Below are their meanings:

🟢 - The balance is filled. You can withdraw.

🟡 - Balance is filled but low. You may withdraw.

🔴 - Balance is empty. Please wait for it to get refilled.

8. Improvement for the withdrawal modal

After our last update where we implemented a three (3) step process when withdrawing (see #7 in Update v3.11 notes), one recurrent concern presented to our Support team and Moderators in the chatroom was about inability to pass the first step when initiating a withdrawal. This wasn't a bug or issue with your account, but a slight unclear representation of information on the modal (See this tweet to read our statement related to this subject).

In this update, we set out to improve your experience. Thus, when initiating a withdrawal, if the website's balance for the selected network is empty at the time, you would now see a gray button labelled "Empty" instead of the button saying "Next Step" (which was confusing as it seemed one couldn't click it even if it said "Next Step")

Gray Empty butron
Grayed out 'Empty' button if empty

Other changes include:

  • Removed TapResearch offerwall

  • Improved last withdrawal card on mobile

  • Improved error messages on withdrawal modal

  • Moved withdraw history from modal to page

  • Reworked Offerwall & Challenge history pages

  • Fixed sidebar not fitting correctly on mobile screens

  • Improved sidebar mobile scrollbar

A great deal of effort was put into this update in order to elevate your experience while navigating our service. If you face any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to us by opening a support ticket on the website.

Best regards,

Faucet Crypto Team