2022 Recap

2022-12-28 20:33:06

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Hi frens!

2022 was full of ups and downs —from a loss of 24 hours data to a 3x Event— but here we are at the end. We couldn't be more happier, and we're grateful for everyone who has stuck with us over the years up till this very moment: You guys are MVPs!

As the year draws to a close, we'd like to look back on some highlight since January till date:

1. Twitter page launched!

Twitter is arguably the "default" social media of choice for most crypto bros. Recognising the need for us as a service to build and interact with the wider crypto community — and most especially with our users — we set up and launched our Twitter page on 5th January 2022!

twitter page launched!
Hello Twitter!

It's been an amazing ride: tweets, news, updates & memes, and we hope to maintain that positive energy (Spoiler Alert: more random giveaways will occur periodically on our Twitter page from next year). Not following us yet? You still can!.

2. TrustPilot profile claimed!

To promote transparency and bridge the gap between the website and users, we decided to restructure, reorganise & claim our TrustPilot profile.

trustpilot profile claimed
Faucet Crypto 🤝 TrustPilot

If you're looking to see when exactly we claimed our profile, it was on 2nd August 2022. Cumulatively, we've received 764 total reviews and have replied to 100% of negative reviews. We hope to continually get more honest feedback from you in the new year, as it helps us to improve over time.

I don't have Netflix
I don't have Netflix...

3. QTUM, SOLANA & MATIC joins the squad of supported assets

From the beginning, we set out to be the go-to crypto faucet and best one ever known, supporting a wide range of assets (total of 17 coins supported at the moment). Within the year, support for some coins (ETH, BSV, XVG, BTT, PIRATE, RDD) were ceased for various reasons and new ones (QTUM, SOL & MATIC) came in to join the squad of available assets for withdrawals.

QTUM was added in v3.3.5 update on 26th January 2022; Solana (SOL) in v3.3.8 update on 24th February 2022; while Polygon (MATIC) came in v3.6 update on 2nd October 2022.

Will more coins be added? Well, we can't say for now and we definitely do not want to raise the hopes so high nor spill the beans either way, but let's see how the new year goes!

4. Critical database failure

On 25th August 2022, we experienced what can only be described as a dark day. Our systems in place malfunctioned, resulting in a critical database failure which ultimately caused us to rollback to a backup from 24 hours ago during that period. It was a challenging period and we're grateful to everyone who faced that and are still here with us till now. All we can say is RESPECT!

5. 20k Twitter frens!

On 4th November 2022, we hit 20,000 Twitter followers frens on our Twitter page. Thank you for your support!

20k twitter frens
Not followers... frens!

6. New Interface

As written in numerous reviews, we are commonly described as one the best crypto faucet with interactive interface. Since we like to live up to standard, over the year we did some magic design spells on our website to result in the beauty it is today.

New UI
New look, who's this?

7. Captcha wars

25th - 30th November 2022 is a period that will always be remembered as the days of captcha wars. From inability to solve a captcha, repeated captcha failures and a general inappropriate content, we saw it all and faced it squarely. It was a tough time for us as a community, but we did the classics — improvise, adapt, overcome. In a light-hearted mode, we even made a meme (everybody loves memes, right? right?) — anyway, we even made a meme to describe the general feeling. Enjoy it below:

captcha games
Captcha games

8. Knowledge Base, News Feed & Vote/Polls section adapted

Our v3.7 & v3.7.1 update on 19th and 29th November 2022 respectively, came with major upgrades: Knowledge Base/FAQ page, redesigned News Feed and Vote/Polls section.

Don't know how to make a withdrawal? We got you! ... Don't know what Credits are for? We got you! The Knowledge Base contains answers to common questions (*psst! you can even quickly search a particular term or scroll down the page to see related articles). The News Feed had a facelift and we saw the deserved comeback of our honourable Vote/Polls section for suggestions.

9. 2 Million registered users & other statistics!

On 5th December 2022, we hit 2 Million registered users!, an impressive feat as it is. We are extremely appreciative of every single one of our users who make up that number. As a celebratory expression, we ran a 3x Event spanning a period of 24 hours to accompany the announcement.

Asides from the total number registered users, the total number of task completed and total withdrawals are 641,581,208 and 5,897,662 respectively ^*(based on data up to 17th Dec 2022)^

2022 FC statistics
Flexing numbers!

What do you think the numbers will be at the end of 2023? Stick with us to find out!

Anyway, that rounds it up for 2022. Season's greetings & a prosperous new year!

FaucetCrypto.com Team