Update v3.14.1

2024-01-25 16:02:00

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Happy new year once again!

We're delighted to present v3.14.1 update which is the first website update of the year. In this minor update, bug fixes — being a priority — takes a center stage, and is accompanied by addition of a new cryptocurrency, improvement of the first-access tutorial (Welcome Guide) and much more. Explore them below:

1. Say hello to WEMIX cryptocurrency

There's a new guy on our block! Give it up for Wemix (WEMIX) cryptocurrency, which now takes the total number of supported cryptocurrencies on the website to 24!

Faucet Crypto added WEMIX cryptocurrency
Hello WEMIX!

WEMIX is described as a high-performance Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible open-source protocol powered by SPoA (Stake-based Proof of Authority) consensus mechanism, and has budding reputation as a global gaming platform. Interested? Visit the withdrawal page and cash out your coins for WEMIX direct to your wallet address!

2. Improved 'Locked Claim' message

In the last update, we added an extra step for faucet claim where you must complete any available task at least once before getting access to the faucet claim for that day. As this change wasn't quite noticeable at first glance, we have now improved the 'Locked Claim' message to provide clearer guidance.

Faucet Crypto improved Locked claims message
Claims locked! Clearer alert!

3. Fixed CloudFlare wrong captcha detection

In response to your feedbacks over the last few weeks, we dedicated our attention and have resolved the pressing issue related to CloudFlare's wrong captcha detection which affected a small number of users.

Our team will always prioritise your experience and ensure you enjoy a smoother flow while earning coins. Your feedback has been invaluable, and we appreciate your patience through the process as we enhance our system.

4. Remade the first-access tutorial

We have streamlined the first-access tutorial (also called Welcome Guide), cutting down on extended texts and giving a quick rundown of features of the website in simple understandable sentences.

Faucet Crypto remade welcome guide
Simplified welcome guide!

You may view this new adaptation/change by opening the 'Help Center' at the top-right corner of your dashboard, and then select 'Welcome Guide'.

5. Added 'All ads' to PTC advertisement page

A new tab that shows all available ads collectively has been added to the PTC advertisement page, allowing you to easily access every available ad (whether window, surf or video ad) in one centralized location without necessarily switching for each.

Faucet Crypto added 'All ads' tab
All available ads in one centralised tab!

Some changes and vital bug fixes rolled out in this update include:

  • Added under maintenance explanation modal

  • Moved CoinGecko icon to sub-menu

  • Fixed bug causing GIF profile images to lose their animation

  • Fixed bug causing offers list not to show all available offers

  • Fixed bug resulting in blog post overlapping chatbox

  • Fixed bug resulting in claim error page when accessing inventory

  • Fixed bug causing social logins not to redirect correctly

  • Fixed bug causing text to break PTC frame

Our unwavering commitment to excellence remains at the core of our values, hence our resolve to put in the best and only the best in order to provide the suitable service we’re known for.

If you experience any issues, you may contact us by opening a ticket at our Support Center or by tagging us in a tweet on Twitter/X.

Best regards,

FaucetCrypto.com Team